Ten for Tuesday: Inspiration, Ponderables and Sharks

With only hours to spare! 1. My friend Ashley-Anne Masters is awesome. Loved this quote from her, and the fact that a friend of hers made it into a pillow:


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2. Let's Put an End to the 'My Childhood Was Better Than Yours' Wars. This doesn't fit the mold of inspiration, but could we please? Please? The world would be a better place:

And I really need my generation to get over itself. According to baby boomers, life will never be as sublime as it was when we played jacks on the sidewalk while waiting for the ice cream man to make his rounds. I guess it’s a leftover part of our general thinking circa 1968: that we knew everything then and would continue the trend.

3. In Search of the Slave Who Defied George Washington. Fascinating article about Ona Judge, an enslaved person in George Washington's Mount Vernon who successfully escaped, and how the Mt. Vernon museum tries to honor her story.

4. Meet Joshua Johnson, Diane Rehm's Replacement on NPR. I really love his show 1A and find it one of the smarter and more decent programs out there:


5. This slow-motion capture of a goblin shark eating its prey is like a real-life food-chain lava lamp.

6. Your obligatory improv link: Math teacher uses improv skills in the classroom.

7. Peter Horton: The First Time I Died on TV. I was an unabashed thirtysomething fangirl and was devastated when they killed off Gary. This was a nice trip down memory lane.

8. Parkour fascinates me, even though I suspect I would break all of the bones if I tried it. But I found this patiently-written article about how to walk on hand rails oddly poetic and soothing.

9. As I wait for edits of Improvising with God to come back from my editor at Eerdmans, this was a helpful reality check about the folly of the work I do.

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 9.22.33 AM

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10. My team, We Run for Planned Parenthood, has raised more than $3200 for quality health care for women! Read more about why I support PP here. Help us reach our $5000 goal here. y