Ten for Tuesday: Make Way for Ducklings Edition

OK folks, I'm doing this one lightning-fast, because I'm in training all week and am about to climb onto the Beltway for all that mess. (More on the training in a later post.) So I apologize for any typos. And... Ten for Tuesday only has seven things today. OH WELL!

This week features some light fun as well as thought-provoking stuff--just because.

1. Thirteen Phrases to Calm an Anxious Child

I have a couple of children who deal with occasional anxiety. Good language to use instead of "calm down" or "don't worry."


2. Cyclist Saves Stray Kitten by Riding with It in His Jersey (VIDEO)

Title says it all.


3. View from the Bottom of a Water Bucket



4. Advice for Someone Who is Juggling Her Life

Show of hands? Oh wait, you're too busy juggling. Find some empathy here.


5. Will Farrell on Fear and Failure (VIDEO)

Farrell always seems like such a decent guy.

Throw a bunch of darts at the dartboard, folks.


6. Ducklings, Part 1

Ducklings go PLOP!



7. Ducklings, Part 2

According to a Bozeman, Montana resident:

“Every year a mother duck lays her eggs in the courtyard of Bozeman High SchoolWhen the ducklings are ready, she taps on the door with her bill until someone opens the door. Then she leads them through the school to Mandeville Creek.”

Watch the epic and adorable journey at the link.


Those last two are so cute, I'll even forgive the vertical video :-D

Be kinda today, everyone.