Ten on Tuesday: Updates, Tips and Miscellany

It's all a rich lather of lateral thought here at the Blue Room today. I'm actually not sure there are 10 items here, but I like the alliteration... plus it's a shoutout to my friend Katherine, whose book comes out soon. Have you pre-ordered? ~

I'm over at Fidelia's Sisters today, which has a spiffy new look. Check it out.

I also had a good initial conversation last week with a member of the planning team for the Young Clergy Women's conference, Sabbath in the City. If you're a YCW or know someone who is, mark your calendars -- we're going to have a great time in Chicago, July 30 - August 2.


Let me be an encouragement to anyone facing a weight-loss plateau. You can get through it. After losing the same pound three times, I finally broke through. I've got less than five pounds until I reach my goal of 40 pounds, normal BMI. Then it's M&M's from here on out.

Maintenance and Muscle. Wait, what did YOU think I meant?

Here's a little something I whipped up the other day. We had some leftover spaghetti I'd made with a little olive oil and garlic. I put a serving in a microwavable bowl. Then I added a dollop of Boursin cheese. Nuke and stir and presto! A reasonable facsimile of fettucine alfredo.

Oh, and Carb Police? Just keep on walking. Disperse. There is nothing to see here.

OK OK, as penance for that glycemic abomination, here are eight foods you should eat every day.


Something very strange is happening at Tiny Church. These random people we don't know keep showing up. On Sunday we had 6 visitors, which in a worshiping community of 50 is disruptively delightful. Three of them have been very regular for several weeks; three were brand new.

I can't account for the sudden influx. We don't advertise. These visitors are not friends of church members who invited them. We're not the kind of bells-and-whistles church that most people are looking for. Our banner stand out front has been empty the last several weeks.

But it's a great time for people to be visiting. After 2 1/2 years as pastor of Tiny, things are clicking, you know? It's just that all the clicking has been internal and under the radar. They would have no way of knowing from the outside what's going on inside.

Whatever is happening, it's a holy mystery that makes the people of Tiny Church very, very excited. And their pastor too.


My love for Evernote is deep and abiding. Hey, they almost made it into the acknowledgements of my book. But have I mentioned the beauty that is Evernote Clearly? Clearly isolates articles on webpages and filters out all the clutter, ads, and sidebar junk, so you can read the article on a nice clean page. (This is great for those of you who are easily distrac-- SQUIRREL!)

So instead of reading this tiny cramped mess:

You can read this:

I also found a new use for Evernote. You know those Entertainment books that kids are always peddling for school fundraisers? We bought one from our girls, but there are very few coupons in there for stuff we use. Consequently, I forget about it and end up not using any of them. Instead, I tore out the coupons we are likely to use and created an note in Evernote that lists these coupons. So if we're on our way to a restaurant or a water park, I can just check the list to see what we have.

And while we're doing product endorsements: Clinique Black Honey Almost Lipstick. Where have you been all my life?


I've gotten a lot of questions from friends and family, asking me what my next book will be. My first reaction is to be touched by their kindness to suggest that after Sabbath in the Suburbs comes out, that people will actually want to read more from me. But the answer is no, I have no idea what I will write about next. Any suggestions?