The Gospel in Seven Words

The Christian Century has a series going called "the gospel in seven words." Here's a link to the summary and to the various responses. I like Beverly Gaventa's: In Christ, God's "yes" defeats our "no." I also like that Walter Brueggemann used only six words, and rested on the seventh. Touché.

I am home this evening from a very short trip to Minnesota to visit little Jacob, a member of our church and someone I wrote about here. You can read the family's CaringBridge site here. Jake is in the fight of his life. Thankfully he has some brilliant medical minds in his corner, as well as loving and dedicated parents, and the wonder of mesenchymal stem cells.

I don't know what God's yes means for Jacob. I have a tangle of complicated and fervent hopes, but I just don't know where we're headed. All I know is that the stubborn, fierce determination of so many people to support, heal and love Jacob and his family takes my breath away.

I'm curious how others would summarize the Christian message in seven words. Here's what I'm working on. A bit Bill McKibben-ish perhaps, but hey, I've always liked Uncle Bill*:

Christ loved everyone. Now it's our turn.


*Not my real uncle.