The Sabbath is Not Just a Date, and Black Friday Backlash-Backlash

Part 2 of my interview with Cynthia Holder Rich of ecclesio: What ideas do you have for families dealing with the special needs or disorders of their children, where illness takes precedence at times when you’re supposed to have Sabbath? Or for people whose aging or sick family members, parents or others, require a lot of time and energy?  Or – and this is the kicker – families like mine, who are dealing with both at the same time?

I get asked this a lot, whether by parents whose children have special needs, or people caring for aging parents, etc. I’d love to turn the question around to you and your wisdom, Cynthia. What do you hear in this Sabbath stuff that’s relevant and what isn’t? And what in it is downright harmful? Some of our language around spiritual practices can get wrapped up in “should,” leading to people feeling doubly burdened by a tough situation, plus feeling like they’re not holy enough.

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