This Week's Muffin: Apple Cider "Donut"

I was skeptical about these because they have no fat in them whatsoever---well, except the melted butter/cinnamon sugar coating. But they turned out scrumptious. Of course, like most low-fat recipes, they make up for it in sugar, which is no better nutritionally. Oh well, the apple cider has some fiber in it, right? Don't tell me differently. I messed up the cinnamon sugar step. Instead of dipping them in melted butter, THEN rolling them in cinnamon sugar, I mixed it all together and coated the muffins. So what should have looked an elegant dusting of snow on each muffin ended up looking like this:


However, I'm sold on the "mistake." The topping became a nice glaze when it cooled. Yum.

Last thing before the recipe: Don't forget the girls' fundraiser. We're on our way to $1000, and Carol of the Bells is sounding very good!

Apple Cider Donut Muffins

Recipe available at Baked by Rachel.

When you get to the last step, consider following in my absent-minded footsteps by combining butter, cinnamon and sugar and coating the muffins with the glaze.