This Week's Running Playlist: Epic Soundtracks Edition

46rqiIt's been a few weeks since I've posted a running playlist, because life. Also, I got it in my head to do an a cappella playlist, which proved harder than expected, despite many suggestions from you all. A lot of it was available on YouTube rather than download, and that's a pain. I've not given up on the idea, but I've put it on hold. Here are the previous playlists. This week begins with yet another kid illness, which stinks in its own right, but also gets me feeling sorry for myself because despite how self-entertaining my kids are at this age, I cannot think with them lurking about---and I'd planned some essential thinking work this week. Plus, the kid in question is too young to leave by herself, and I'm supposed to squeeze in six miles today, three tomorrow, and nine on Friday.

SO! I need serious inspiration... some music that says "No, you're not a schlumpy suburban mother of three. You are a warrior, battling germs, inertia and an overstuffed to-do list!"

Nothing fills that need like a good film score.

There are so many great choices in this genre that I've decided to put together several different playlists, including one containing music solely from sports-themed movies (e.g. Rocky, Chariots of Fire). Matthew, my brother and partner in marathoning, helped suggest items for this week's playlist: Epic Soundtracks. You've got your superheroes, your space operas... and your hobbitses:

Here's the list. What have I missed?

"Also Sprach Zarathustra," 2001: A Space Odyssey, Richard Strauss

Main Theme from Superman (John Williams)

"What Are You Going to Do When You're Not Saving the World?", Man of Steel, Hans Zimmer

"Helm's Deep," Two Towers, Howard Shore

"The Riders of Rohan," Two Towers, Howard Shore

"The White Tree," Return of the King, Howard Shore (otherwise known as the "lighting the beacons" music)

Theme from Batman, Danny Elfman

"Imperial March," Star Wars, John Williams

"The Game Has Changed," Tron: Legacy, Daft Punk (Robert's contribution)

Main Theme, Raiders of the Lost Ark, John Williams


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