Thursday Link Love

Yes, Thursday. Will be posting a prayer on Good Friday instead of the usual, so... here we go. ~

The first link, if you will indulge me, is my Author Page on Amazon, where you can pre-order Sabbath in the Suburbs! (There's a formatting glitch in the book description. I fixed it, but it takes 3-5 days for changes to take effect.)


The Tutu Project -- Improvised Life

The story goes that Bob Carey first took a portrait of himself in a pink tutu in an effort to express himself after he and his wife, Linda, had moved to New York.

Why? Because even though the move was exciting, exhilarating, and inspiring, it was 180 degrees from what I knew. So I took the old, mixed it in with the new, and the kept the tutu handy.

Six months later he discovered his wife had breast cancer. The tutu portraits became a way to bring some laughter and joy to a dark situation, a symbol of solidarity, and ultimately, as The Tutu Project, a campaign to raise money for breast cancer research.

They are wonderful:


This is a "dynamic digital platform produced by filmmakers Dyllan McGee, Betsy West, and Peter Kunhardt, developed by AOL, showcasing hundreds of compelling stories from women of today and tomorrow. This historic video initiative features exclusive access to trailblazing women – both known and unknown."

I've only just started browsing but it looks awesome. From Madeleine Albright to Carol Burnett.


Time Lost and Found -- Anne Lamott

I'm pretty sure I've linked to this before, but it came across my screen again this week...

They may explain that they have to go to the gym four days a week or they get crazy, to which I reply that that’s fine—no one else really cares if anyone else finally starts to write or volunteers with marine mammals. But how can they not care and let life slip away? Can’t they give up the gym once a week and buy two hours’ worth of fresh, delectable moments? (Here they glance at my butt.)

Can they commit to meeting one close friend for two hours every week, in bookstores, to compare notes? Or at an Audubon sanctuary? Or a winery?

They look at me bitterly now—they don’t think I understand. But I do—I know how addictive busyness and mania are. But I ask them whether, if their children grow up to become adults who spend this one precious life in a spin of multitasking, stress, and achievement, and then work out four times a week, will they be pleased that their kids also pursued this kind of whirlwind life?


Text Drawings Created by Cutting Thousands of Letters from Books and Religious Texts -- Colossal

The artist cut individual letters from sacred text and put them together to make other images and texts. Here is Throne: The Book of Revelation, cut from letters from the Koran:

May each of us be part of a great work that is being pieced together, painstakingly and lovingly, by the Holy One.