Time for Summer to Begin. At Last.

medium_2604561379 I got a lot of "likes" and "Amens" on Facebook the other day for sighing, "I need a summer."

You too?

School gets out very late here in northern Virginia. Like, end-of-June late. I'm always craving summer by the time we limp across the finish line---the morning routine gets later and later; the lunches I pack get more and more half-a**ed. "Eh... why don't you just buy your lunch, honey. Again."

The problem is, for a working parent whose kids do swim team, summer isn't all that different than the school year. Just hotter, and with wet bathing suits draped over all the furniture. Plus, with kids in day camps, we still have to pack lunches each morning. There is no justice!

But some of the non-summer-ness is self-imposed. I took on more than I should. So for the next month or so, my stop-doing list will include blogging. I might still pop in, especially when the Sabbath Supplementals are done. But otherwise, August will be a month of extended tech Sabbath.

See you in September...


~ Photo Credit: Fingal's Cave, with the isle of Iona in the background. Steffen M. Boelaars via photopin cc