Time to Count Some Stars

medium_10566508983 I wrote recently about attending the Sarah McLachlan concert with my mother at Wolf Trap (outdoor arena in the DC area). In the post I shared how social media impacted the concert-going experience, in mostly positive ways. But I also had a very low-tech experience that was significant.

I spent most of the concert sitting on our picnic blanket on the lawn, but at one point I was lying down on my back, looking up at the sky. It was a mostly clear evening, and as I was looking and listening I realized with a start that a star had appeared where there hadn't been one visible before. I had seen the star emerge in the sky. I then spent the next couple of songs trying to catch each star as it slowly came into being.

(I know, the stars are always there. It's poetic language, people!)

I thought that bit from Barbara Brown Taylor's Learning to Walk in the Dark when she and Ed take time to watch the moon rise. They realize it's probably been two decades since they'd last done so, and they ask one another why. BBT knows the answer and it lands with a thud: "We've been busy. For twenty years."

Before two Saturdays ago, when was the last time I'd watched the stars come out? Have I ever?

We're off today for about 10 days of vacation, and there will be lots of time and space for this kind of activity. See you on the flip side. Hope you have a chance to do some star-hunting too.

photo credit: Jason Carpenter via photopin cc