Top 10 Tunes That Will Get Me Through Sunday

medium_2271513941 Hey folks,

I'm still fundraising for the American Heart Association---you can make a donation here. Any amount, large or small, will help save lives (and way secondarily, will give me a boost of morale as I enter the home stretch). AHA has a four-star rating on Charity Navigator so you can feel good about your gift.

I'm also continuing to put together my playlist for Sunday's marathon and would love your recommendations of running music. Some great suggestions here---have already put them in my iTunes.

I'm expecting Disney to keep us well entertained, especially in and near the parks. But there are some long stretches between Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom, and I'm told there's a water treatment plant along the way. Distraction and a bada** soundtrack will get me through.

Do you like to run to music? Have you made a New Year's Resolution to work out more? Here are my ten absolute favorite songs to run to. (Most of these have appeared on my other playlists.)

1. Main Theme from Superman, John Williams. Laugh if you want, but this is my A-#1 running song. Some days, I listened to this multiple times. Hey, sometimes you need a surge of the superhero.

2. Run the World (Girls), Beyonce. Queen Bey: not just a singer. Also a life coach. ("This is how they made me, Houston Texas baby." Hey, ME TOO!)

3. Spybreak, Propellerheads, The Matrix Soundtrack.  Nothing gets your heart pumping like pretending to dodge bullets in an elevator lobby. "You'd better run a negative split, Mis-ter Anderson."

4. Groove is in the Heart, Dee-lite. It certainly is, especially if you graduated from high school the year this song came out. Ah, to be 18 again instead of [number redacted]...

5. Vertigo, U2 No big shock that I've got a ton of U2 on the playlist, including some great live stuff. This is the most reliable get-yer-butt-in-gear song of the bunch, especially the Trent Reznor remix I picked up somewhere.

6. The Game Has Changed, Daft Punk, from the TRON Soundtrack A movie (don't tell Robert) I have not seen. But hey, Daft Punk!

7. Jump Around, House of Pain Everyone should have a song that they play when you run out on the field/step up to bat. This is a decent one.

8. Praan, Gary Schyman. Otherwise known as the original "Where The Hell Is Matt" song:

9. Shoot to Thrill, AC/DC. Because Iron Man.

10. Firework, Katy Perry. Because my girls told me to. And there are worse reasons to do something.

Your turn!


photo credit: Abdulrahman BinSlmah via photopin cc