"Touch My (Survey)Monkey!"


I announced today in my email newsletter (are you subscribed?) that my next book will be released in May as an ebook, called Spirituality in the Smartphone Age:

Social media, iPads and smartphones enable us to stay connected as never before, but more and more of us are finding it difficult to establish a life-giving balance. Many folks lament that the Internet is decimating our attention spans and weakening our relationships "in real life." This book will not "bash" technology, but will provide spiritual grounding and practical wisdom to help people navigate the joys and perils of the digital age, ever-changing yet here to stay.

As part of my work on the book, I've gotten intrigued by the Enneagram personality types and how these types may engage and experience social media differently. I've put together a short survey on SurveyMonkey on that topic, and will share the results as a free resource prior to the book's launch. It's not scientific---more intended to start a conversation.

Know your Enneagram number? Willing to answer 10 confidential questions, with an option to sign up for further conversation? Click here.

Survey will close Friday.


Blog title and photo come from a verrrrry old SNL skit. I'm dating myself.