Were You Hurried as a Kid?

I put this query on Google+ but thought I'd put it here too. As most of you know, I'm writing a book about our family's weekly Sabbath practice and how that works in the midst of a very busy life involving two careers, three kids and their various activities, etc. Part of our interest in Sabbath is to help our kids not have a completely go-go-go childhood. Yet even with this practice and intention, I feel like I'm regularly shooing my kids out the door to get somewhere.

In contrast, I've been thinking about my own childhood -- there were four of us kids, and we were involved in all kinds of activities, but looking back, I never remember feeling rushed. But nor was I late to stuff. So I wonder, am I just not remembering the hurry and the scheduling? Or did my mother cultivate a more relaxed attitude than I feel like I do? :-)

And here's what I want to know from others: did you feel rushed, or busy, as a kid? Do you have memories of being hurried and/or overprogrammed? If so, what was that like? And if you can't recall those experiences, do you think that's a function of memory, or were things really different back then? Or both?

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