What's Inspiring Me

Here are a few things that are inspiring me today... and I want to know what's inspiring you: 1. Robert and I have season tickets to Signature Theatre, and we saw God of Carnage last Friday night. It's funny and dark and absurd. This Friday should be even more fun: a revival of Xanadu. I've never seen the live musical, but the film version was the first "grownup" movie I ever saw as a kid. It's a wretched film, but I love the music, and apologize to Robert and to whomever will sit in row C seat 107, because it will be hard for me not to sing along.

2. These time lapse photos of the earth (and skies) from the space station:

Check out the storms:

3. I am making my way through The West Wing again, and I just watched Two Cathedrals. I never tire of that episode.

4. Sister Gramick. Check out this short profile of this remarkable woman. Money quote:

It was essentially a spiritual cease-and-desist order: no more speaking or writing about homosexuality, period. Gramick took some time to reflect on the command and then wrote a response: “I choose not to collaborate in my own oppression.” In effect, she treated the Vatican’s order as a suggestion—and politely declined to follow it.

Oh how do I love the "politely" here?! I've been pleased to know and work with a number of Catholic nuns in my life and almost to a person, they are kind and feisty... and Christlike. No wonder the Franciscans have come to their defense.


That's what's inspiring me today. And I need all the inspiration I can get. The typseset PDF of Sabbath in the Suburbs arrives later today, which means I'll be giving it one last painstaking look.

Your turn...