When Is a Pancake Not a Pancake?

I've been in Texas since Friday evening, when my friend Meg picked me up at the San Antonio airport and drove straight to Chuy's. My friends take care of me. Saturday my BFF and I drove to Houston to be with a friend whose mother is nearing the end of her cancer battle. It was good to be with her, to go out to dinner later with some treasured friends, and to laugh with those friends. A lot.

Sunday I got to have lunch with my brother and his beloved. Then I went to church and ate BBQ. Church was nice, but the brisket was the religious experience.

Today I'm back in the Hill Country and I set my face toward the CREDO experience.

My in-laws are helping Robert this week, and this morning I received this photo via text:


This photo makes me happy because, well, James. The world is his oyster--no, not oyster. The world is his bulldozer, or apatosaurus. It's hard to be in a bad mood when he's around.

But check out the pancake. My father-in-law makes amazing pancakes. He reserves a bit of the batter and adds cocoa powder to it and uses it to make these elaborate designs. As you can see, this one is a flatbed truck.

The world is James's flatbed truck pancake.

This pancake is not just a pancake. It's a sign of my kids being well taken care of in my absence. If G-mommy and Grandpa were not there, yes, I would still be able to make this trip. But because they are there, I don't have to worry about how Robert is managing everything, or feel extra guilty at being gone. I can be here.

The kids miss me, but they are well taken care of.

Your challenge for the day is to find something mundane in your life, like a pancake, and think about what that thing represents on a deeper level.

Let me know what you come up with!