Where I'm At, and Fitness Update

Book Update: So, I feel good about where 2/3 of the book is. Which is not to say it's done, but it just needs tweaking rather than major overhauls.

Of the remaining four chapters, two are in rough draft form, and two are in rough-rough draft form. Steady as she goes.

Concluding a book is hard. It's not like a sermon, in which you can deliver a zinger, stare at the congregation for a beat, and say "Thanks be to God."

Fitness Update:

But I also wanted to say that I've lost about 19 pounds in the last 3-4 months, and am on track to hit 20 right in time for Thanksgiving. Goody! I am wearing a size that I have not worn since my 20s, also known as Before What's-Her-Name Came Along.

The weight loss and book-writing are not related.

Here are my favorite fitness hacks; I'd love to hear yours.

  • MyFitnessPal, or something similar that tracks food and exercise. Write everything down. The bar code scanner is just fun.
  • Kitchen scale and measuring cups are the best tools you have. Portion size is the name of the game. I count my Tostitos, weigh my cereal, and measure out peanut butter for sandwiches.
  • I don't do Healthy Options / Smart Choices / Mega Low-Cal Hi-Fiber Super Diet Food. I just eat food. I tend to agree with Michael Pollan's suspicion of food that touts its health benefits---it's often highly processed.
  • I basically count calories. It's not the most precise way to go, but it's easy and good enough.
  • That said, I had to tell Robert to hide the kids' Halloween candy because I was overindulging---and even though I was within my caloric range each day, I lost no weight that week. Go figure!
  • I don't do Atkins/South Beach but I sure understand where they're coming from. I don't like sandwiches that much, but now even more so. 200-250 calories before you even put anything on the bread? Yikes.
  • That said, whole grains are good for you.
  • I let myself do whatever I want once a week; I don't track what I eat and just enjoy. I figure this is for the long haul. The day off is usually on a weekend. The other day of the weekend, I will keep track, but I don't stress if I go over my allotment.
  • When I do indulge in a dessert thing, I serve myself one at a time instead of a handful. That means one Oreo, one Dove chocolate, or whatever. Eventually I get tired of getting up from the couch or desk and walking into the kitchen for seconds, or thirds, or...
  • Dessert, alcoholic beverage, or a day off from exercise. Pick two. You'll likely stay in range each day, but you can still enjoy life.
  • Exercise: I exercise to feel good, but really it's so I can eat more. I'm not that virtuous. However, I am running my first race on December 3. Hopefully it will be a celebration of having turned in the manuscript too.

What are your fitness tips?