Who Do We Say He Is? A Prayer for Christians during Holy Week

origin_76576394Mark 8:27-38 “Jesus asked them, ‘But who do you say that I am?’ Peter answered him, ‘You are the Messiah.’”

Who do we say that Jesus is?

In our finer moments, we declare the truth: Jesus is the Messiah. God-with-us. Savior of all. Shepherd and Friend. Jesus is Lord of our whole lives.

Who do we say that Jesus is? In our weaker moments, we utter deceptions: Jesus is a magician who makes our problems disappear. A superhero who rescues us from trouble. Or, he is a nice man who lived once upon a time. He is inoffensive, benign, sentimental, and dull. A superstition. A wishful imagining. A Sunday morning diversion who asks nothing from us.

Forgive us our feeble and false affirmations. Empower us to answer the question with renewed energy and integrity:

Who do we say that Jesus is? Love beyond love. Name beyond all names. Hope beyond wishing. Eternal Mystery. Word-made-flesh. Our Redeemer. He lived and will live again.


The message above was adapted from The Fellowship of Prayer, a Lent devotional I wrote for Chalice Press in 2012. A few copies are still available!


photo credit: rmarshall via photopin cc