World War Z: Capsule Review

World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks I gave Robert this book for Father's Day at the suggestion of a friend, then picked it up myself last week because all my current books were too earnest for my current mood. Needed a little escapist fluff and it was handy.

This is my first (and probably only) experience with the zombie genre. It was a fun read, immersive and smart. Brooks tells the story of the zombie war through interviews with people from all over the world. Their tales were  terrifying, amusing, wry, and heartbreaking. Brooks does his homework, and his descriptions of how the war would have looked from different vantage points (a childhood survivor of Hiroshima, a teenage girl whose family fled to the northern part of Canada, an astronaut trapped on the International Space Station) were convincing. I wished the voices of the "interviewees" had been more distinct from one another, but the format and details painted a vivid picture. I found myself wondering "What would I do?"

The movie will star Brad Pitt.

I'm fascinated by the fact that zombie fiction is so hot right now. What's that about, do you think? I suspect it's our lack of a clear-cut "enemy" anymore (post-Cold War) combined with the simmering fear over al Qaeda bogeymen that, like zombies, can pop up WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT CNN BREAKING NEWS TUNE IN FOR THE LATEST!!!!!!!