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BreneĢ Brown meets Tina Fey! MaryAnn McKibben Dana has led dozens of groups as they learn to live deeper, more faithful, and creative lives. Here's her current calendar.

Here are a few topics MaryAnn is addressing these days. Or contact MaryAnn to "mix and match" and customize your own event.

Reformed, Always Being Reformed: God's Work in an Imperfect World
This event mixes lecture with discussion to delve into God?s creative work in a world that often seems chaotic and unpredictable. Great for groups that want theological engagement, grounded in scripture.

The Art of Yes-And: When Life Doesn't Go According to Plan
A blend of presentation, discussion, and creative interaction, this workshop helps groups embrace the tools of improv as the means for vibrant living.

Discerning the Call, Embracing the Call
How do we discern our purpose as individuals and communities?This interactive workshop combines scripture, psychology, pop culture and more to help discern what we were put on this earth to do.

Play Your Way Through
Perfect for all-church retreats and other lighthearted gatherings. MaryAnn helps groups reclaim the lost art of play as holy work.

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"Through lighthearted group discussions, presentation, and video, MaryAnn demonstrated her amazing gift as a talented, down to earth, and excellent speaker. We laughed, shared, voiced the thoughtful 'mmm' sound, and wrote many notes to save for pondering at a later time. She is amazing!"

"Consensus: best
retreat ever."

"MaryAnn energized our worship with her preaching as well as Sunday School. The congregation was buzzing afterwards. Her message is not just for families with young children but was relevant to singles, retired people and grandparents. A joyful day and a profound message!"