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She’s not just an author or speaker, she’s also a talking head. Check out past video reflections, and new ones—about one per month.

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aijcast: Art, Inspiration and Justice podcast: Interview and Bonus Live Show episode
Getting to Yes, And
Technicolor Jesus
Things Not Seen
Sabbath-Keeping for Church Leaders and Other Busy People, Webinar for the Presbyterian Outlook, April 2013
How to Take a Sabbath: Master Class for ChurchNext
An MP3 (audio only) on “The Improvising Church” for the NEXT Church Regional Gathering in Rochester, November 2012


Stuff I’ve Authored

See my Books page.
Fellowship of Prayer 2012 Lent Devotional Guide
Former Writer for Bible Explorations column, Presbyterians Today
Co-founder and former contributor for Fidelia’s Sisters, an e-zine for young clergy women
Feasting on the Word lectionary commentary series
Poems, essays and liturgical resources have been published in Religion DispatchesPresbyterian Outlookthe National Capital Presbytery MonthlyLiterary MamaJournal for PreachersReformed Worship, and catapult.
“Birth of a Mother Self” published in My Red Couch: And Other Stories in Search of a Feminist Faith, Rachel Gaffron and Claire Bischoff, editors.
Several poems published in Finding Calm in the Chaos: Christian Devotions for Busy Women by Kathy Bostrom.